Sober Singles: Keys to Dating Online in Chicago

Most of you can probably agree that living life sober sure beats the days of living in bondage to alcoholism. Your mind is clearer, you feel life has more meaning, and you’re finding out who you truly are without alcohol. It’s a good feeling!

For sober singles in recovery that are navigating the world of dating in Chicago, you’re probably contending with questions about whether to date someone who is also in recovery and if so, where can you find such people?

Sober Dating In Chicago: Couple reading together in a library

A library is a terrific first date idea for sober dating in Chicago.

Benefits of dating someone in recovery

If you’re new to the sober dating world, you might be a bit hesitant. After all, dating can be difficult without adding the factor of sobriety into it. Rest assured, there are some key benefits to dating someone in recovery.

Both of you are committed to sobriety. The fact that you are both committed to sobriety is already something you both have in common. It’s a topic that you can feel good about instead of avoiding. This way you will be able to dodge things like anxiety or resentment when it comes to drinking.

You don’t have to hide the fact that you don’t drink. Some people feel awkward sharing with potential dates that they are in recovery. If you are seeking someone else in recovery, you won’t have to try to explain yourself when you’re getting acquainted with one another or come up with an excuse as to why you don’t want to meet up in a bar for drinks.

Mutual support. You get to support each other’s recovery path and if you choose, attend recovery meetings or events together. You can also be each other’s accountability partner if you choose.

Using a dating website to meet recovering alcoholics

If you’re seeking sober singles in Chicago and you haven’t already met that special someone in your sphere of influence, you might wonder where to look. The good news is that there are dating websites designed for those in recovery and others that allow you to state that you prefer someone in recovery when you set up your profile. This is certainly beneficial, as you get to go ahead and let it be known right up front that you’re a recovering alcoholic and you desire someone else who is in the same boat.

Dating within driving distance or long-distance relationship

When you’re using a dating website to find other sober singles, spend some time thinking about whether you’d want to date someone local or if you’re willing to have a long-distance relationship (LDR). If you don’t think you’d enjoy dating someone who lives far away, refrain from engaging with them. If someone sends you a message, politely let them know that you’re not interested in a LDR. After all, LDR’s are not for everyone.

Dating someone within driving distance certainly is advantageous, as you get to see each other more often, and potentially, you can attend sobriety events together. Being within a driving distance also makes it easier on down the road if you hit it off and start thinking about marriage and moving in together. Although that’s a big step, and this is all just the beginning.

Millions of men and women are now taking advantage of the world of online dating, so if you’re a sober single and interested in dating online in Chicago, there’s no better time than right now to get started.

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